Version 0.2 Updates

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Version 0.2 Updates

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 04, 2018 7:40 pm

Added calender and to-do lists terminal application calcurse.

Added terminal bittorrent client rtorrent.

Changed Tron game to Armagetron 'cos it has Internet Multiplay.

UFW firewall enabled as standard.

Changed web browser to Firefox.

As terminal resolutions out of sync on different monitor resolutions, the background has been changed to fit with 1280x720 minimum.

As no gui file manager to interact with file uploads through browser, PCManFM has been installed.

Updated and upgraded all packages and system.

Here is a link to V0.1 64bit (15th Nov '17)

and here to V0.1 32bit (15th Nov '17).

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